Amazon and cannabis

Amazon, distribution and e-commerce giant declares itself as supporting the Marijuana « Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act », U.S. bill to legalize cannabis globally. The purpose of this bill is to eliminate the criminal records of those previously convicted of cannabis, and to decriminalize cannabis at the federal level. Amazon had previously been in controversy about their difficult working conditions. The company was therefore the target of many criticisms because of their policy considered too strict on not consuming cannabis from their employees.In 2020, for example, Michael Thomas had his job as a warehouse sorter cancelled, as his drug test had been found to be positive for cannabis. However, it was illegal to screen prospective employees. Amazon had also been sued by employees for terminating their contracts for the use of medical cannabis. On June 1, the company announced that it will stop rejecting prospective cannabis users: “In the past, like many employers, we have banned people from working at Amazon if they are tested positive for marijuana use. However, given the evolution of US laws, we have changed course,” said Dave Clark, CEO of Amazon.

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Amazon hopes that this announcement, relayed by Mashable will give the public the opinion that they are more chill employers than they appear, in order to combat the received idea built up by past controversies. As a result, cannabis will no longer be included in the comprehensive drug testing program “for positions not regulated by the Department of Transport”, so that cannabis is considered “in the same manner as alcohol use”. The tests will therefore only be carried out in the event of an incident.

However, Amazon’s neighbourhoods will not have to become smokehouses. The new tolerance applied by the company concerns only the free time of employees who will be able to consume as they wish outside their work.*

Regarding the possible sale of CBD, it is not yet authorised. However, the platform runs tests in the UK so that delivery via Amazon Prime is possible under the same scheme as with alcohol where delivery is already available in 12 cities.