BitCanna, the cannabis cryptocurrency

The cannabis industry is booming, the legal market is also growing, making use of transactions and money management. An evolutionary solution appears in terms of ease and security of transaction in the world of cannabis.

It is in 2018 that BitCanna makes its appearance, real source of growth and development. It is a blockchain network providing access to features and benefits for both growers and consumers. This crypto promises customers transparency tools on the integrity of cannabis products bought.

The concept of BitCanna? A decentralized blockchain network specialized in cannabis. Users can therefore send BitCanna to each other in exchange for cannabis-related goods and services. Obviously, the transactions are immediate and traceable, which also makes it possible to push the industry towards the light. BitCanna provides a digital registry that allows all players in the industry, be they distributors, dispensaries, customers, farmers or even banks, to keep an eye on the goods sold and purchased.

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Indeed, depending on the country and state, the jurisdiction varies greatly regarding the use of cannabis, recreational or medical. The substance has long had, and still has a relatively taboo and doubtful image. So BitCanna is dealing with this problem by being transparent about the money that comes out of this industry, and getting a lot of companies to buy into the concept.

This is a boon for companies, until now in the constraint to operate only with liquid because payment processors like PayPal or Visa do not accept transactions from this industry. They will now be able to carry out virtual transactions that ensure their integrity and strengthen the confidence of the customer who has access to the origin of the products.

Here we are witnessing a fusion between two extremely promising worlds of cannabis and cryptocurrency, which addresses many issues and brings credibility and security to this industry.