Cannabis delivery apps on the App Store?

Cannabis delivery apps in the App Store?

The App Store is exploring a new axis of evolution: the opening of cannabis delivery apps. These apps will of course only be available and downloadable in the appropriate countries, i.e. the countries where the substance is declared legal.

However, the conditions of use of the App Store have been modified for developers only. Thus, from now on "applications that encourage the use of tobacco and vape products, illegal drugs or excessive amounts of alcohol are not allowed on the App Store. Applications that encourage minors to use any of the substances will be rejected. Facilitating the sale of controlled substances (with the exception of licensed pharmacies and licensed or otherwise legal cannabis dispensaries) or tobacco is not permitted."

"Apps that provide services in highly regulated areas (such as banking and financial services, healthcare, gambling, legal cannabis use, and air travel) or that require sensitive user information must be submitted by a legal entity that provides the services, not by an individual developer. Apps that facilitate the legal sale of cannabis must be geo-targeted to the corresponding legal jurisdiction."

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This important decision follows the trend of cannabis legalization in many states and countries. Apple introduces a concept consistent with the current situation, exploiting a growing market.

Its competitor Play Store by Google currently continues to categorically prohibit applications related to cannabis: "We do not allow applications that facilitate the sale of marijuana or marijuana products, regardless of their legality.

This new concept of application will therefore remain unavailable in France until legalization measures are put in place. The appearance of these applications is already considered as a great revolutionary advance by the consumers.

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