Cannabis delivery in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, home delivery of cannabis is emerging through 2 companies. One of them covers the Boston area, the other the Northampton area in western Massachusetts.

Lanter and Your Green Package are the first companies to take care of the deliveries, each benefiting from the new licenses issued by the state allowing the home delivery of recreational cannabis. Only 11 licenses have been distributed so far by the Commission.

This is a real breakthrough for consumers and supporters who have been anxiously awaiting the launch of this new concept. It also represents a step towards social equity in the cannabis community. Opening a dispensary or shop represents an investment that many cannot afford. Aaron Goines, president of the Massachusetts Cannabis Association for Delivery, said of this major change: "This type of license is a major piece of the equation in making the Massachusetts cannabis industry more diverse, more equitable and more inclusive.

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The licenses awarded open the door to new types of businesses and professions. First of all, there is the appearance of "couriers", dealing with the delivery of orders from a store to the customer. There are also "delivery operators", who are in charge of buying products from manufacturers and then reselling them on demand. Finally, there is a special delivery authorization that allows current cannabis operators to deliver the goods themselves.

However, there are some restrictions that accompany these licenses. The vehicles in charge of the deliveries must be equipped with tracking systems, security devices and a storage area, all controlled by two employees.

In addition, customers who place an order must present photo identification to verify and validate the transaction. Each exchange is also filmed thanks to a body camera worn by the employees.

A real evolution and an ease of access to the substance are thus set up but according to precise and rigorous processes of security and protection.