Cannabis for MMA athletes?

No more punishment for athletes who test positive for cannabis...

The decision was made last Wednesday, the NSAC (Nevada State Athletic Commission) finally decided to revoke the ban on cannabis use by athletes.

This decision follows a long debate of several years at the commission that regulates combat sports in Nevada, also dealing with the rules of boxing and the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The vote was unanimous illustrating the extensive research done to study the positive and negative influences a fighter may experience as a result of possible cannabis use.

This is a real breakthrough for the world of sport as the commission represented a particularly strict authority on drug use, banning cannabis even outside of competition. Under this model, Nick Diaz had been suspended for 5 years for cannabis use.

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Following this landmark decision, Bob Bennett, NSAC's director general outlines his views on the subject: "According to the World Anti-Doping Agency, WADA considers cannabis to be a substance of abuse, not a performance enhancing drug. I think our goal is to test for performance enhancing drugs to ensure a level playing field. The fact that it is not a performance enhancing drug, I don't think we should continue to test it."

Thus, this speaking out has opened up minds about cannabis, thus allowing boxing and MMA players to test positive for cannabis without facing punishment. They will only be subject to punishment if they are under the influence of the drug when fighting.

New decisions that follow the trend of open-mindedness about the plant and its benefits, also releasing a serious economic potential.