Colombia gets into the cannabis export business

Recently, Colombia has finally implemented the export of dried cannabis flowers, both for medical and recreational purposes. This is a step forward for the country full of potential, which has been able to exploit it, but far too slowly.

Following the request of investors and commercial of the industry, the Colombian president Ivan Duque took the decision to sign a decree cancelling the ban on the export of flowers. Thus, the country becomes suitable for a wider commercialization in the medical field.

Paradoxically, Colombia was already a reference in terms of production, regulation and export of seeds, but was limited economically as to the exploitable potential emanating from the market they could offer, source of revolt among investors.

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So "this means that Colombia can enter to play a big role in the international market. In addition, the new rules would allow the Colombian industry to expand into food and beverages, cosmetics and other sectors," according to the president.

Regarding the regulations accompanying the new legislation, Juan Diego Alvarez said that he indeed intends to implement strict regulations in a detailed and precise way so that they meet high international standards. The new rules have resulted in an estimated $6 billion in gains from exports.

Aware of the ever-changing market, Colombian cannabis associations are urging the country to "take better advantage of the competitive advantages", with Asocolcanna saying it is "crucial for Colombia to realize its potential at a time when the global cannabis industry is becoming more sophisticated".