Decriminalization of the auto-cultivation and possession of cannabis achievable according to master

Nicolas Hachet, lawyer at the bar of Bordeaux since 2002, is the defender of the decriminalization of weed in France.

After having filed a priority constitutional question questioning article L3421-1 of the Public Health Code concerning the crime of illicit drug use.

The various actions called into question:

-the introduction of a €200 fine for cannabis use;

-questioning the use of cannabis by some consumers

Nicolas Hachet also makes his argument on the comparison between the use and legalization of cannabis and that of alcohol.

What are the different stages before a possible decriminalization?

First, the priority issue of constitutionality must be studied and analyzed.

If the QPC (priority issue of constitutionality) becomes admissible, it will be sent to the court of cassation which will decide whether to refer it to the constitutional council.

At the end of this long process, only they will be able to decide whether to challenge this law and change it.

The same scheme was already carried out in Germany in 1994 on the same subject leading to the decriminalization of cannabis.