German CBD flowers in pharmacies?

The beginning of marketing of German CBD flowers in pharmacies?

Products from German grown cannabis will now be available in pharmacies. Until now, about 9 tons of medical cannabis were consumed, coming only from importation.

Canadians will be the first to benefit with orders from Tilray, known for their "White Widow" sales. Denise Faltischek, Tilray's international manager and chief strategy officer, said: "Our harvest in Germany is an important step in providing access to high-quality, trusted medical cannabis to patients and healthcare professionals in Germany. Furthermore, "it is a testament to the professionalism and dedication of our team that, despite the challenges of a global pandemic, we have stayed on track as the first licensed producer of medical cannabis in Germany."

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The company Cansativa GmbH has therefore been appointed to sell this German variety. This decision is justified by the fact that it is the only company legally entitled to sell cannabis flowers from German cultivation by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (Bfarm) according to the allocation of licenses dating from August 2020.

Thus, German produced cannabis will be sold at a price of 4,30€ per flower, half the normal price of imported cannabis amounting to 9€. As a result, the German product may appear cheaper to patients in possession of medical cannabis flower prescriptions. This competitive price could therefore influence the general price decrease for the import in the sector.

A great development for Germany, which counted 1000 consumers of medical cannabis, a figure that has reached 90,000. This development was followed by an increase in the number of German pharmacies providing this kind of medication, influenced by the trend and thus representing about 20% of German pharmacies.

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