Home delivery of cannabis allowed in Colorado

After being the first American state to legalize cannabis, Colorado now allows home delivery.

The Majiruana Enforcment, the regulatory authority of the American Cannabis has allowed the delivery in the city of Aurora this new green gold of the region.

At first only the cannabis for therapeutic use was authorized to the delivery, and this, for 6 companies of Colorado following the pandemic of the Covid 19.

Currently, only one store can take advantage of recreational cannabis delivery. Thus, at the Colorado Harvest Company it will be possible to freely deliver cannabis on the American roads from March 1st.

The conditions to obtain the delivery license are then complex and drastic.

The store but also the person must have a license for delivery making this unprecedented possibility extremely rare and selective.

People earning less than 50% of the median income in Colorado are prioritized for this permission, considered as inhabitants of a "low economic opportunity zone".

Deliveries are then only allowed between 8am and 10pm for a maximum of 28 grams of flower, 8 grams of concentrate and 800mg of THC contained in food.

An ID confirming the national majority of the person is then requested at the reception of the order and the delivery is possible only at home.

The city of Denver is also about to authorize the delivery of cannabis.

What impact will this authorization have on the economy of the sector? Will other countries follow suit?

To be continued.....

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