Khalifa Genetics, a high quality seed bank.

Khalifa Genetics, the story of a group of passionate breeders, inspired by the excellence and uniqueness of each proposed strain. The concept of Khalifa Genetics? Create exclusive varieties based on ancient and rare varieties worked and stabilized over time.

But what does Khalifa Genetics mean? It is a name rooted in their ancestors, which has gradually disappeared in fear of racist threats. This name had even become taboo, raising the company’s desire to pay tribute to the ancients, regarding the restraint that the plant also lived for many years.

To produce the best, it is through coordination, rigor, and strong teamwork that the company offers a warm, healthy, and pleasant atmosphere, accompanied by a real spirit of mutual aid and complementarity. Their essence? passion, the desire for progress, and above all the quality sought for the products offered.

The seed bank was founded in 2018 by a French breeder named Aladdin, a specialist in tropical Sativas and stabilization of terpene profiles out of the ordinary. He is not alone in the adventure, accompanied by Shani Khalifa, Iznogood Khalifa, El Rifi, Florent Khalifa, and JP, each specializing in his range.

The association of each of these members allows the creation of stable genetics. Khalifa Genetics preferred to give priority to quality over quantity, making available for sale only a few strains that have been thoroughly worked and thought out upstream. They are therefore different from the market where the marketing of hybrid poly crosses with a "hype" name is common.

Thus, each available «TrueF1» issues from precise and hard work occurring from hybridization between Landraces and rare strains duly selected. A touch of authenticity is added to the project due to the manipulation of old cultivars, to sustain our heritage which is increasingly threatened by the campaigns of eradication and contamination with modern hybrids.

Concerned about the nature of the products, their production is 100% organic, to highlight the entire potential of terpenes/cannabinoids whose plants are composed. On their website, we can find a Landrace collection as well as their Khalifa Black/Gold collection composed of the Maharaja Haze (Amnesia Haze x Kullu Valley), the Persian Pince (UK Cheese x Landrace Ouzbek IBL), and the Aladdin’s Skunk (Colombian Gold x Acapulco Gold x Afghan).


Khalifa Genetics is committed to developing as a company to expand its range of ancestral cultivars and unique crosses. Several projects are undertaken, such as the work on a landrace from the Philippines called Kibungan, the feminization of the Balkh Hashplant, phenotype with fresh and lemon flavors, and Moroccan Beldia, an exceptional phenotype.


For the coming year, a self-flowering project is expected with the creation of the Tzar (Siberian Ruderalis x Landrace Uzbek) which will bring together multiple assets such as the great resistance in guerrilla culture and exceptional terpenes.

Interesting collaborations are to be expected, ensuring a promising future for Khalifa Genetics.