The Czech Parliament and medical cannabis, where are they?

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

A draft amendment that tends towards the evolution of access so far very limited to medical cannabis for Czech patients...

On 2 June, the Czech Parliament finally decided to approve a draft amendment to the laws on the prescription and production of medical cannabis.

So there are many remarkable changes to these laws. For example, the export of cannabis will now become explicitly legal. In addition, hemp products containing less than 1% THC will no longer be considered as addictive substances.The prescription process will be optimized with the development of an electronic prescribing system to facilitate access for patients and physicians. These various changes represent a hope of progress for the supporters of the plant, but only to the extent that the President and the Senate officially decide to approve this draft amendments.

Also read: German CBD flowers in pharmacies? (weed-info.fr) The CEO of the International Institute of Cannabis and Cannabinoids said: "The approval of the bill by Parliament is an important step for patients and advocates of medical cannabis in the Czech Republic. We have to be realistic about the amount of work that needs to be done. This bill could do a lot to advance medical cannabis and hemp in the country, but much of this is based on the implementation of laws, and groups like the CICI that will work hard with the government over the coming months to ensure that the interests of patients and industry are honoured.” However, new legislation does not mean easy access to hemp medicines. Indeed, access remains very limited and the figures show this. There are about 10.67 million inhabitants in the Czech Republic, of which only 3,500, or 0.05% of the population, were legally entitled to dispose of medical cannabis in 2020. These difficulties can be explained in part by the numerous regulations installed previously, which do not allow an increase in patient access. The cultivation and marketing of cannabis products were very limited by a tendering process and a system of limited imports.

To remedy this, licences for the cultivation and manufacture of medicinal cannabis products will now be available to private groups and companies. Thus the availability and access to these products should increase. An increase in accessibility will thus lead to a certain fall in prices on the market due to the new competitiveness.

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