Legalization: fewer violent crimes since new cannabis laws

According to a study that will be published in the International Journal of Drug Policy, the legalization of cannabis has led to more and more crimes being solved.

The study has been extended to several states, such as Oregon for example. Researchers from the University of Utah and China shed light on this surprising correlation. In fact, since the legalization of recreational cannabis, police are solving an increasing number of violent crimes.

Depending on the results of the researchers, one can notice “significant increases in the elucidation rate for all violent crimes and aggravated assault in post-legalization Oregon counties compared to states where cannabis is not legal.”

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The results, however, would not be sustainable, as they would already begin to decline as explained in the article Recreational marijuana legalization.

The study represents a solid argument, in line with one of the primary objectives of legalization: to combat racial war resulting from drugs. According to research from June 2019, “the introduction of these laws has reduced by 12.5% the number of violent crimes (such as homicides, assaults, and thefts) in neighboring states in Mexico.”

The report also explains that “the results support the idea that relaxing the regulation of medical cannabis reduces the activity of Mexican trafficking organizations in the border area. We provide evidence that the introduction of a law in favor of cannabis in a given state allows, as a propagative effect, the reduction of crimes in its neighboring state.”

These various studies continue to prove to the world the real added value of legalizing cannabis.