Medical cannabis authorized in Peru?

Despite the legalization of medical cannabis in Peru in 2017, access to the medication remained very difficult and restricted. A new bill now authorizes patients' associations to develop their own culture, transport as well as store cannabis for therapeutic purposes only.

Following numerous requests and demands from patients and families, Congress finally accepted the implementation of this law proposed by the government. Thus, only the patients registered in an official register will be able to benefit from these advantages.

Medical weed was until now almost impossible to find in pharmacies. As a result, patients will also be able to process the plants grown, in order to derive it into any decided products.

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For the application of the law, licenses are distributed by the Ministry of Health, regulated by the anti-drug section of the national police. It is therefore still a matter of monitoring the crop of each to ensure that it is not used for recreational consumption by its owner.

Originally, the associations' bill included the authorization of personal self-cultivation, which was not accepted and therefore remains on hold for the moment. Some patients even put some pressure on the former president so that the bill could be finally passed before July 28, the end of his term.

Mr. Brivio, for example, a supporter and patient, tells of the health progress that cannabis-based medications have made for him, especially in treating his mast cell disorders, Raynaud's syndrome and Ehlers Danlos syndrome.

Many treated their disease in a clandestine way as the association Buscando Esperanza in which many mothers made use of cannabis to cure their children of the tuberous sclerosis for example. It is therefore a real relief for many, who will now be able to treat themselves in complete freedom and legality.