Morocco: the creation of an accepted medical industry

It was on Monday, August 23, that the Council of Government held a meeting in accordance with the directives of the Head of Government Saad Edine Otmani. The purpose of this meeting was to pass Bill No. 2.21.642, related to the legal use of cannabis.

LThe meeting had to be held in the form of a video conference, accompanied by a press release published at the end of the meeting. The new bill that was passed was therefore set out in the official bulletin of July 22. It, therefore, decrees the authorization and legalization of the multiple activities related to cannabis and also stipulates the creation of the National Agency for the regulation of activities related to cannabis.

The head of supervision of the Regulatory Agency was also mentioned, so the Minister of the Interior will take this charge. It will have to define in part, with the support of the Agency, the responsibilities, and rights granted to each institution or individual.

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Morocco is starting to position itself in terms of democratization of the substance by following a good momentum, following the reclassification of cannabis as a legal substance on the Moroccan territory earlier in the year.

The laws put in place still only allow cannabis for therapeutic purposes, so recreational cannabis is still prohibited from use. But following the rapid progress of Moroccan legislation, we can imagine a possibility of recreational legalization in the months or years to come.

It is therefore hope for the country to boost its economy and create new jobs. This should also represent potential tax inflows for the government.