Sativex to treat brain tumours

Sativex is an oral spray with THC and CBD, tested to treat a particularly complicated and deadly form of cancer: glioblastoma also called a brain tumor. The study and trial of Sativex will therefore be led by Professor Susan Short.

Funds amounting to 450,000 pounds are necessary for the smooth running of the test, which will be collected by the "Brain Tumour Charity". The professor comments on the upcoming study: We believe that Sativex can kill glioblastoma tumor cells, and it can be particularly effective when given chemotherapy with temozolomide. It could therefore reinforce the effects of chemotherapy by stopping the growth of these tumors, which would allow patients to live longer. This is what we want to test in this study.”

The study will begin in early 2022 with 232 patients from different hospitals and cancer centers in the UK. To reveal the efficacy of the product, two-thirds of patients will be given Sativex while the remaining third will receive placebo doses.

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Sativex is therefore a spray containing CBD and THC. However, it is already legal and authorized in France since 2013 to treat patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. However, it is not available in pharmacies. It is still known for its effectiveness against inflammation, pain, and anxiety.

Many hopes are based on treatment: “We hope this trial could pave the way for a long-awaited new lifeline that would provide glioblastoma patients with valuable additional months to live and create memories with their loved ones. We know there is significant interest in our community on the potential activity of cannabinoids in the treatment of glioblastomas, and we are really excited that this first global trial here in the UK can help accelerate these responses.” according to David Jenkinson, executive director of the "Brain Tumour Charity".

The "Brain Tumour Charity" is still waiting for donations that will probably save the lives of many, in case of a positive return.