Soon a legalization in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, the legalization of recreational cannabis is being debated, citizens have a common opinion...

The Swiss citizens expressed their opinion about the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in a survey conducted by the FOPH. They were in favour but with some conditions. Regulatory measures must be put in place in order to establish an informative communication for the protection of the youth.

In Switzerland, only cannabis for therapeutic use is allowed. However, two weeks ago, two thirds of the Swiss people said they wanted the legalization of recreational cannabis and the testing of pilot trials, a government project on the controlled distribution of cannabis. These statistics were collected via a survey of 3166 Swiss adults between late January and early April.

These pilot tests would aim to "provide a scientific basis for future decisions on the regulation of cannabis use for non-medical purposes". In addition, the aim would be "to evaluate the effects on health, consumption habits as well as on youth protection and public health".

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All this would have the objective to decrease the illegal traffic of the plant as well as to protect the consumers from possible violence. The legislation must be reviewed because, according to the government, "insofar as the supply chains are monitored and strictly controlled from the seed to the distribution of products, the black market will be short-circuited.

In the context of legalization, many Swiss people mention the need to implement a prevention strategy as well as a limit on the level of THC in the products available for sale. In addition, they would like to develop the possibility for abusers to ask for advice before buying.

Consumption in public places will remain strictly forbidden and the cannabis will have to be of good quality and from organic cultures.

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