The "cannabis lounges" arrive in Nevada

Promising bills and from a perspective of protection and social equity, this is what Nevada is putting forward with its new law...

On June 4, 2021, Steve Sisolak, Governor of Nevada, signed Law 341 in the Assembly. It finally allows the use of cannabis in these «lounges». This represents both a release for many, fearful of smoking in forbidden places, but also a step towards social equity.

The bill allows for two different types of consumption space. The first would be in clinics that want it in the form of a salon. Only one salon per clinic would be allowed. The other type of space would allow independent stores and businesses to set up a show in their brand. This would only provide single and individual use cannabis products for those over the age of 21. Of course, alcohol would not be allowed on site to avoid any risk of bad experience. The state of Nevada has legalized cannabis since 2017, attracting many tourists, free of their cannabis purchases. However, many found themselves stuck with an unauthorized and appropriate consumption location to enjoy it. The street and the hotels, however prohibited, were used as a smokehouse.

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Thus, in 2019, the Vegas Paiute tribe managed to open the first salon of the State. In a context of health crisis, the place had to close its doors.

The opening of the first trade fairs in force of the new law is expected by the end of 2021. Dispensaries, on the other hand, will be able to start the necessary procedure for opening a fair, namely the application for a licence to the Cannabis Compliance Board.

The issue of equity comes into play in the sense that certain licences will be reserved exclusively for candidates for social equity, or for those who «would increase the diversity in the state cannabis industry» according to the executive director of the Nevada Dispensaries Association, Layke Martin.

Alaska and Colorado have recently passed similar laws, thus ensuring an economic future for the United States in the cannabis sector that continues to democratize the plant and implement preventive and equity measures. All this in order to deal with the War on Drugs which reigned for far too long, causing many deaths and injustices.

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