The closure of the cannabis-club in Spain?

Over the past decade, many have skirted the rules and created cannabis clubs in Spain by taking advantage of the legal vacuum around the legislation. As a result, the justice system recently removed a regulation approved by the city council in 2016 that allowed 200 local ones to exist.

According to the High Court of Justice of Catalonia, cannabis associations cannot exist because they are not allowed to promote the consumption, sale or use of cannabis. The associations had been created for supporters and amateurs of smoking, who had to pay a 10€ registration fee to enjoy the consumption of joints inside.

Unlike the coffeshops, the Barcelona clubs had a very discreet or even hidden appearance, so they were found almost only through the word of mouth system.

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The cannabis clubs were however accompanied and approved by the municipality, which even allowed them to obtain licenses from 2016. According to the police, the system is very effective and allows the reduction of dealing and dealers in the streets, as well as the removal of the mafia.

However, the judges of the Catalan High Court found that the management of this type of business is the authority of the central state and not the municipality. The clubs are therefore subject to closure because the sale and cultivation are now prohibited.

It is thus perhaps the end of a Barcelona era, where the city was a reference for the tourists looking to smoke good weed during their small stay.