The decriminalization of cannabis finally installed in Louisiana

It was officially last Sunday that the decriminalization of cannabis was put into effect in Louisiana. The law was finally signed in June by the Democratic governor John Bell Edwards, who explained that it was indeed "not a decision taken lightly" and that organized crime had an important impact on the decision.

Thus, the possession of 14 grams of weed is eligible for a fine amounting to 100 dollars, but without added jail time, a development that the governor refuses to define as a decriminalization.

Cedric Glover, sponsor of the new law, speaks out on the issue, saying, "When I saw two members of my hometown council in Shreveport, a conservative and a progressive, come together to decriminalize possession of marijuana for personal use, I knew it was time to bring this reform to the state level."

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Additionally, "Criminalizing marijuana possession is detrimental to the people of Louisiana in many ways, but it is especially detrimental to black and brown communities, low-income people, and young people. My fervent hope is that this new law will finally bring some relief and a sense of freedom to these communities."

Supporters remain hopeful about the progress of the laws being put into effect, with the ambition of seeing cannabis become legal over time.

In particular, the Louisiana Progress support group said, "The decriminalization of cannabis is an important victory for criminal justice reform in Louisiana, especially for traditionally marginalized communities that were disproportionately criminalized under prohibition. But we must continue to fight to end cannabis prohibition. This could be extremely beneficial, including bringing dozens of new small businesses and hundreds, if not thousands, of new jobs to Louisiana."

A promising start to the democratization of cannabis legislation, under the example of several states for which cannabis is slowly becoming legal.