The International Athletics Federation, a changing opinion on cannabis?

Recently as part of the Olympic Games, one discipline came back to everyone’s ears: athletics. The famous American sprinter Sha'Carri Richardson was indeed banned from the Olympic Games this year because of a cannabis-positive doping test.

Following the scandal resulting from this decision, Sebastian Coe, President of the International Athletics Federation said in an interview that "This should be the case. That is reasonable. Nothing is set in stone, and from time to time we adapt and re-evaluate.”. He also addressed a word to the sprinter, expressing his regret and compassion for this decision, saying he was sorry to have “lost an exceptional talent”.

The President of the Federation explains that he does not want to resemble Joe Biden in his decision-making by referring to the words of the American President: "But the rules are the rules and that is how they were interpreted."

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He therefore clearly sets out its desire to change the anti-doping rules, which had already undergone some changes for the 2012 Olympic Games. Indeed, the limit for the test to be positive had been adapted so that only drug use during the competition was detected in the body. However, the current evolution of the rules depends on the USA, always showing itself reticent to this idea.

Sebastian Coe explains that "this is an opportune time to review this status. The Athletics Integrity Unit will examine the issue in light of the current circumstances.” We can assume a change for the 2022 season, an appropriate time for the United States, the country in which the next world championships of athletics are held.

This would be a major step forward in the world of sport, as well as for the democratization of cannabis in the world by deducting its consumption.

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