The legalization of medical cannabis in Rwanda!

Under the same model as some of its African colleagues, Rwanda decides to legalize medical cannabis...

On June 28, Rwanda decided to put in place a ministerial order allowing the use of therapeutic cannabis as well as CBD products. Originally, this decision follows a desire to democratize the cultivation of medical cannabis only for export purposes.

The new bill does not subject the sale to strict conditions. However, access will only be possible through a specialist doctor who considers the need to take cannabis medicine. These doctors will be selected by the Rwandan Ministry of Health through a written accreditation process that will allow them to have the authority to decide on possible prescriptions of medical cannabis.

When prescribing, doctors will be obliged to be quite specific about the treatment given. Indeed, they will have to present to the patients all the information and the effects that the drugs can have on the patient so that the patient accepts the treatment with full awareness. In another sense, the doctor will be responsible for carrying out individual assessments on each potential patient in order to be certain of the need for this type of medication. The doctors authorized to deliver these drugs will only be able to prescribe them within the framework of their speciality in order not to abuse the prescriptions and to avoid the errors of judgement.

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The new law highlights the eight types of licenses now allowed. Each of them giving access to different sectors of activity. They will have a validity of 5 years with possible renewal at its expiration. In order to aspire to obtain a license, companies and individuals will have to have made an application to the competent authority or will have to have fulfilled the necessary conditions to possess a license.

Recreational cannabis and its consumption are still strictly prohibited. Those guilty of this offence can be sentenced to three to five years in prison and fined up to 5 million Rwandan francs.

This new decision follows the example of the few African countries opening up to the world of cannabis, such as Morocco and Zimbabwe. A certain expectation of economic expansion is put behind this bill allowing an increase in exports as well as the creation of new jobs.

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