The LIDL group, searched for its cookies with CBD

To date, German law still stipulates that CBD would be on the list of narcotics in the country. Therefore, it cannot be officially sold to consumers. However, LIDL, a distribution giant, is under scrutiny by the authorities following the marketing of hemp products.

The police reportedly seized cookies containing cannabis in the store for examination. LIDL’s plan was to market a range of 21 CBD products, including energy drinks, brownies and cookies.

In order to analyse its exact composition, the various products were sent to the forensic laboratory of the National Criminal Police Office of Munich. Following the analyses, which can take several weeks, the medical teams will determine whether the products contain prohibited substances or not.

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Björn Pfeifer, Attorney General of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, also spoke on the subject, explaining that the products had indeed been «confiscated» without giving more details about the course of actions.

Faced with this wave of controversy, LIDL decided to react to the ongoing case: We can confirm that the authorities have currently opened an investigation into individual products from our limited-time promotional range of hemp products. As a precaution, we have closed all items and are working closely with the authorities.”

The CBD sector is still very touchy in Germany, with a threat to LIDL that it will not be able to market its new product range, which would certainly have been very popular.