An innovative project, a new means of consumption, is what propose YES WEED DO!

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Gourmet and generous recipes, this is what YES WEED DO offers! Through his social networks, the kitchen specialist Gaspard Hoffmann shares his many recipes with us. There are savory, sweet recipes and even hot and cold drinks, in other words, there is something for everyone!

YES WEED DO! presents a rather special concept. Indeed, all shared recipes are cooked with cannabis, specifically CBD. This implies that the psychoactive substance of the plant, THC is not present in the different dishes. However, each recipe is adaptable to the tastes of each and for recreational consumption.

The chef highlights a very modern way to consume while enjoying the multiple benefits of CBD. Its recipes therefore have many benefits: you can feel a feeling of well-being, and enter an euphoric and soaring state when they contain THC. On the other hand, its recipes help fight some pain, anxiety and loss of appetite.

This project took shape thanks to Gaspard Hoffmann, a young cook from Avignon. So it is in 2020 that he embarks on the adventure YES WEED DO! by creating his very first cooking blog. He offers its public a cuisine steeped in its history and culture with a Provençal touch bringing garlic, olive oil, rosemary, fish and vegetable to its dishes. He decided to settle in the Toulouse region in 2015 in order to deepen and perfect his culinary knowledge, while continuing his studies. It was with his mother and then his grandmother, two women who knew how to mark his palate and develop his interest in cooking, that Gaspard made his first steps in this world. After many trips, he has now been able to diversify his cuisine and bring new flavours to his dishes.

The spirit that animates his cuisine today combines street food with gastronomy through dishes full of generosity.

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