Vivek Murthy, in favour of decriminalization of cannabis

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

General Surgeon Vivek Murthy, who also is a public health spokesperson in the United States, speaks on the subject of cannabis in an interview for CNN.

He said, “With respect to decriminalization, I don’t think there’s any added value for individuals or society to lock people up for cannabis use.” In fact, “I don’t think it serves anyone”.

During his speech, Mr. Murthy did not explicitly declare himself to be in favour of general legalization in all States, but rather for decriminalization of possession and consumption of cannabis in small doses. This view is consistent with Joe Biden’s ambitions on the subject, who declared he wanted “progressive decriminalization and the removal of prior criminal records”.

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The surgeon also gives his opinion from a more scientific point of view on the issue by explaining that: “When it comes to marijuana, I think we need to let science guide us, and we know that science tells us that there are advantages to cannabis from a medical perspective, but there are also disadvantages that we need to take into account, and we need to put them together when we think about the right policy.”

However, there are some doubts about the management of laws, given the advances in science, “In terms of our approach to cannabis, I worry when we don’t let science guide our process and decision-making.” And "as a general surgeon, it’s my role to work with policy-makers who work with community members and the general public, to help people understand what science tells us, and where you have gaps, to help fill these gaps with research and honest investigation.”

Thus, Vivek Murthy expresses a feeling of support for the advance of laws, but also, with a certain scientific distance, a feeling of haste.He says he is «concerned about the speed with which states have legalized cannabis» because part of the substance remains unknown to us.